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Most people know that in the U.S. women are making 80 cents to every dollar a man makes in pay. But most people are unaware of an even larger and insidious gap—the equity gap. This figure far surpasses pay disparity.

According to a comprehensive study by Carta in 2018, female employees own only 47 cents to every dollar a male employee owns.

  • Women are 35% of the employee workforce that hold equity but only 20% of equity value.
  • Women are 13% of founders but own only 6% of founder equity.

We hosted a panel discussion with Emily Kramer, Head of Marketing CARTA, Kristina Klausen, CEO Founder, PandaTree Learning, Shuchi Rana, Head of SAP.iO Foundry SF and Tina Tang, Co-founder Women in Big Data to explore not only the causes, but also the effects this gap has made on industry and on society.