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Mental health is a vital part of our overall health; a fact that has been undervalued historically. With the growing number of individuals experiencing symptoms, it is important to advocate and provide solutions that will help improve people’s lives. May is Mental Health Awareness month, where we take time to reflect on what that means for ourselves, our family, our friends, and our colleagues. At SAP, the Executive Board set aside May 31st as SAP Mental Health Day 2022, in line with SAP’s ongoing ‘Are You OK?’ Mental Health Initiative. This day is an opportunity to switch off from work, rest, reflect, and dedicate time for self-care.

As we navigate the pressures of a fast-paced ever-changing world, we must keep mental health a priority. I think there is an opportunity to provide the help necessary for all to thrive with the proper attention. Like SAP, many enterprises are now making mental health a priority; after all, you want the best for your employees and want them to reach their full potential so that you can achieve great things together. At SAP.iO, we work with founders who have identified a need for greater focus on mental health and have launched businesses with innovative solutions and resources to address it.

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