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Sapphire 2023 hosted 8,579 customers and partners, up 60% over 2022. The feeling of positivity was palpable concluding with a powerful keynote featuring tennis legend Serena Williams. The message across the show was consistent and focused on SAP’s strong commitment to diversity and sustainability demonstrating to the world what we stand for. Sapphire news reverberated across global tier-one publications (Bloomberg, CNBC,, Forbes, MarketWatch, Reuters, etc.) as many focused on SAP’s Vision for Future-Proofed Business in the Age of AI Comes to Life: SAP Sapphire in 2023.


Show Highlights​


  • Alexa Gorman of SAP.iO and Alberto Rebolledo of Colgate-Palmolive presented on the  strategic focus areas for startups in 2023 and how you can pilot startup solutions to solve challenges facing your business. The Next Frontier: Augment Your SAP Solutions with Startup Innovation
  • 5,473 Total Customers Attended
  • 78% of those who attended are decision makers
  • Virtually, the event had over 208,000 unique viewers
  • SAP News generated 15,588 Total Content Views