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Understanding your customers and engaging with them through personalized experiences is essential for any business. SAP.iO has been working with innovative startups from around the world to help extend our customers’ investment in SAP solutions for E-Commerce, Customer Data, Sales, Service, and Marketing. Today, over 40 SAP.iO startup solutions are integrated with SAP’s Customer Experience portfolio and are available on the SAP Store for customers to discover, learn, and adopt.  

We are proud to highlight 5 inspiring stories featuring companies that are delivering world-class customer experiences powered by startup innovation. 


McDonald’s & Wagawin: Bringing coupons online to increase customer engagement 

Wagawin helped McDonald’s switch from their traditional paper printed coupons to a digital version powered by their platform that integrates with SAP. Their recent campaign achieved more than 2 million ad impressions and provided McDonald’s with valuable insights on customer engagement and preferences. 

Wagawin works with SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Platform and is available on the SAP Store. 

Express & Jebbit: Driving a seven-figure sales increase by nurturing loyal shoppers  

Express was looking for a new way to deepen their engagement with their loyalty members. They partnered up with Jebbit to understand customer preferences by providing members with monthly quizzes and challenges that featured incentives like bonus points or monetary credits. While Express initially planned to deepen engagement, rather than conversion, they successfully brought in seven figures of revenue between direct and incremental sales resulting from this program. 

 Jebbit works with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement and SAP Customer Data Platform and is available on the SAP Store. 

Lidl & parcelLab: Personalising delivery to build loyalty and increase returning website traffic by 85%  

With the help of parcelLab, Lidl was able to increase customer loyalty by delivering automated, personalised shipping messages to their customers. This new experience resulted in 85% of customers returning to Lidl’s webpage and a 12% increase in average basket size. 

parcelLab works with SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Upscale Commerce and is available on the SAP Store. 

Werder Bremen & Pico: Deepening fan relationships 

Werder Bremen of the Bundesliga is one of the oldest German professional sports clubs with over 40,000 active members and nearly 2,000,000 loyal fans. They worked with Pico to deepen these relationships by creating an automated service to provide fans with unique options for redistributing tickets issued for games that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pico works with SAP Customer Data Cloud and is available on the SAP Store. 

Unilever & Teamcore: Analysing and prioritising retail tasks to boost sales 

Unilever found it challenging to manage all the information of the thousands of products and understand what happens in retail stores once products are delivered. By leveraging Teamcore, they now analyse and prioritise huge data sets to accurately understand the reality of what is happening in each store. In addition, the solution automatically generates proactive reminders for tasks like rotating merchandise that leads to improved KPIs and better communication between the retail stores and corporate office.  

Teamcore works with SAP Sales Cloud and is available on the SAP Store. 

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