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SAP.iO Foundry Singapore

Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise

2023 Cohort

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Important Dates


March 31, 2023


April 2023


September 2023

About the Program

SAP.iO Foundry Singapore will launch an accelerator program to support startups applying advanced technologies to address critical business challenges and help companies run as resilient, profitable, sustainable, and intelligent enterprises. While all B2B startups with enterprise solutions are welcome to apply, emphasis will be on startups with Industry 4.0 or Sustainability use cases or enterprise solutions that employ 5G, IoT, Robotics, AI, Data Analytics or AR/VR/MR technologies.

Focus Areas

This founder friendly program will focus on supporting B2B technology startups across the world with solutions in the following areas:

Industry 4.0 or Sustainability use cases or enterprise solutions that employ the following technologies:

  • 5G
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Data Analytics
  • Augmented, Virtual, or Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR)

Program Partner

IMDA PIXEL will join SAP as a program partner for the Intelligent Enterprise program (April 2023 – November 2023). IMDA PIXEL Innovation Hub is the top 10 launchpads in Southeast Asia for scaling corporate innovation and start-ups. Located in Singapore’s One North innovation district, PIXEL brings together the ecosystem of start-ups, corporates, government, ecosystem partners and global players, to expand their growth opportunities.

PIXEL supports both corporates and start-ups through the following:

Access to Facilities and Equipment

PIXEL offers a range of services and resources designed to help start-ups and corporates spearhead innovation such as co-working spaces, AR/VR labs (e.g. Magic Leap 2 and Meta Quest Pro), one of Singapore’s four 5G test beds, a usability testing lab and more.

Build User-Centric Products 

PIXEL provides complimentary consultancy support in Design Thinking, User Interface/ User Experience (UI/ UX) and Digital Storytelling to help start-ups build capabilities.

Connections with Local Ecosystem

PIXEL brings together the innovation community of corporates, start-ups and industry partners. We organise informational events to learn about the latest technologies and networking sessions, encouraging partnerships and proliferate innovation. PIXEL has established partnerships with partners such as Meta, Amazon Web Services, Nvidia and Epic Games to connect start-ups with their expertise.

What We Look For

In addition to aligning to this program’s focus areas, your startup should:

1. Have a clear product-market fit for an enterprise software solution

2. Have secured VC funding

3. Have existing enterprise customers

4. Have resources in place to fully participate during the acceleration phase

5. Have sales and marketing resources to support your partnership with SAP

If you believe this program is for you, we encourage you to apply for acceleration.

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