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SAP.iO Foundry New York

Web3 in Future of Work Program

Fall 2022 Cohort

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Important Dates


August 31, 2022


September 2022


January 2023

About the Program

SAP.iO Foundry New York and SAP SuccessFactors are launching a Web3 Future of Work startup program powered by emerging technologies in blockchain, token economy (NFTs, DAOs), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). The startups selected for this program will be poised to impact the Web3 Future of Work in the following areas:

Focus Areas

Immersive Learning & Development

Learn to earn and metaverse in the workplace applications to promote opportunities in professional development, learning and upskilling.

Digital Identity & Verified Credentials

Decentralized information as a source of truth on employees, freelancers and DAOs. The ability to gather non-fungible data to verify and authenticate skills, licenses, education and work experiences.

Employee Experiences & Benefits/Rewards

Maximize employees’ productivity and well-being as data is consumed in-context of the business process and tailored to their specific needs, while assessing learning needs and engagement levels.

Pitch us your Idea!

We understand there are many categories. If you are building enterprise-grade solutions that complement SAP SuccessFactors, please apply by August 31st or reach out to us.

What We Are Looking For

In addition to aligning to this program’s focus areas, your startup should:

1. Companies that partnering with SAP is part of their roadmap

2. Round A and beyond funding

3. Have existing enterprise customers

4. Have resources in place to fully participate during the acceleration phase

5. Have sales and marketing resources to support your partnership with SAP