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SAP.iO Foundry New York

New Age Manufacturing

2024 Cohort | EST Time Zone

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Important Dates


March 31, 2024


May 2024


October 2024

About the Program

SAP.iO Foundry New York will launch a five-month, equity-free startup program in May 2024 for enterprise cloud startups that can help SAP customers in the industrial manufacturing industry succeed in today’s competitive environment by extending their investment in SAP S/4HANA. During the program, selected startups will build and develop long-term partnerships with SAP, including defining joint use cases, product integration, and various business development activities to explore joint opportunities with SAP customers. Select SAP customers will also be involved in the program, supporting screening, selections, and evaluating opportunities for proof of concepts.

Focus Areas

This founder friendly program will focus on supporting B2B technology startups with solutions in the following areas:

Product Description Generation

  • Product description generation at scale (suited for companies who have 1000s of dynamic products that turn over frequently)


  • Predictive/prescriptive maintenance
  • Computer vision for quality inspections

Customer Offboarding

  • Customer offboarding (process to end customer relationship due to cancelation, contract expiration etc.)

Business Model Transformation

  • Subscription Management: Traditional manufacturing with wrap around subscription services
  • Outsourced Manufacturing Management
  • Sustainability
    • Optimal raw material usage
    • Decreased energy consumption
    • Circular economy

Surprise Us

  • Do you have an enterprise software solution for the manufacturing  industry that would benefit from an integration to SAP? We encourage you to apply (especially if you leverage AI)

What We Look For

In addition to aligning to this program’s focus areas, your startup should:

1. Have a clear product-market fit for an enterprise software solution

2. Reached Series A-C maturity

3. Have existing enterprise customers

4. Have resources in place to fully participate during the acceleration phase

5. Have sales and marketing resources to support your partnership with SAP

If you believe this program is for you, we encourage you to apply for acceleration.

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