SAP.iO Foundry New York

COVID-19 Recovery Cohort

Fall 2020 Cohort

Over the last four months, SAP.iO Foundry New York has been working with six innovative retail/consumer and manufacturing startups that are leading the charge on helping businesses become present and future ready.

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Hero is an online shopping platform that helps retail store associates connect through text, chat and video with hundreds of millions of online shoppers.


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Rheaply offers an award-winning asset management and exchange platform to help customers visualize, quantify and utilize their physical assets.


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Ivaldi provides companies with a sustainable, cost-effective digital distribution solution to identify, qualify and distribute digital spare part files for on-demand production and distribution.


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LISNR ultrasonic data-over-sound technology enables proximity verification and contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers, automotive and transportation.


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Cogniac is an enterprise platform utilizing AI, human-computer interaction tools and large-scale data management to enable easy automation of any visual inspection task for the industrial and manufacturing industries.

Wise Systems

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Wise Systems is an AI-driven dispatch and routing software that helps enterprises adapt to everyday challenges, improving fleet efficiency and customer service.

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This program is for startups that are disrupting Professional Services Industries (i.e. serving consulting, accounting, actuarial firms, etc.) including those focused on Intelligent Bid (selling & planning), Resource Planning (recruiting & staffing), Services Lifecycle & Management (workflow & processes), and Intelligent Revenue (forecasting & billing). Apply Here

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