SAP.iO Foundries Munich & Tel Aviv

Resilient Supply Chain Program

Spring 2022 Cohort

Important Dates


January 2022


March 2022


June 2022

About the Program

As the global pandemic wreaks economic turmoil around the world, modern supply chains face unprecedented challenges. The supply chain is now the main protagonist everywhere and transitioned from being a “behind-the-scenes” organizational function to a differentiator for almost every enterprise company.

In March 2022, SAP.iO will start a 3-month, equity-free startup program for B2B startups that help enterprises to achieve a Resilient Supply Chain. During the 3-month program the selected startups will build and develop their long term-partnership with SAP, which include defining the joint use-case, product integration, and various business development activities to form initial pipeline of deals. A few SAP client will also be involved in the program, supporting screening, selections and be a potential beta-site for future PoCs.

Focus Areas

This founder friendly program will focus on supporting B2B technology startups across the world with solutions in the following areas:


Business Planning & Resiliency

  • Supply chain network design
  • Data to support planning
  • Supply and demand forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply chain transparency & traceability
  • Asset tagging & tracking
  • End-to-End supply chain management
  • Risk management

Transportation Management

  • Freight management systems
  • Digital Freight Forwarding
  • Freight Marketplaces
  • Transportation resource planning
  • Transportation Network Optimization
  • Autonomous / Semiautonomous Driving Solutions

Warehousing and fulfillment

  • On-Demand Warehousing
  • Fulfillment & Logistics
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Warehouse Robotics and Automation Solutions
  • Storage management

Last-mile Delivery

  • Delivery Management Software
  • Robotic / Autonomous / Semiautonomous Delivery (inc. drones)
  • On-demand Delivery Platforms
  • Tracking & Visibility
  • Crowdsourcing / Crowdshipping Delivery Solutions
  • Hybrid Fleet Management Systems
  • Route Optimization and Planning

Relevant Technologies

IoT Connectivity, Sensors, Blockchain, AI and ML, Platforms, Web Applications, Data Marketplaces, GPS Tracking, RFID Scanners, Robotics, Drones

What We Look For

In addition to aligning to this program’s focus areas, your startup should:

1. Have a clear product-market fit for an enterprise software solution

2. Have secured VC funding

3. Have existing enterprise customers

4. Have resources in place to fully participate during the acceleration phase

5. Have sales and marketing resources to support your partnership with SAP

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have to attend face-to-face meetings and is application open for all locations?

The program is 100% virtual and the application is open for startups from all over the world. You will not be requested to attend sessions in in person, as sessions will be online.

We've already raised $10M+, are we too mature for the program?

You are not too mature. The program is aimed for Seed and round A startups (in some cases also for round B startups).

I saw that the program is led by SAP.iO Foundries in Tel Aviv and Munich, what does that mean?

SAP.iO Foundries has different programs that are being run by different teams in several leading startup ecosystems around the world, where each location is focused on a different theme. This program will be led jointly by 2 of our teams in Tel Aviv and Munich.

Are we going to work only with the SAP.iO Foundry teams or will we also meet relevant executives from SAP globally?

The SAP.iO Foundry team’s role is to execute a successful 3 month program. The goal of the program is to build long-term partnership between you and SAP globally. Early in the program, we’ll identify and engage with the right stakeholders for you in SAP to meet and work with.

Does the program involve any cost? Do we need to give away equity?

The program is free of charge, with a clear goal to build the “next generation of partners” for SAP.

Can I see a detailed plan for the 3 month program?

Yes you can. Please contact us at and we would love to share more information and answer all of your questions.