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SAP.iO Foundry Latin America

Sustainability in Agriculture Program

Fall 2022 Cohort

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Important Dates


August 8, 2022


October 2022


January 2023

About the Program

This program is for startups innovating on efficient and sustainable farming and optimizing agricultural logistics processes. During the 3-month program the selected startups will build and develop long term-partnerships with SAP by defining joint use-cases, product integration and various business development activities to form initial pipeline of deals. SAP clients will be involved in the program by supporting cohort selection and evaluating opportunities for proof of concepts.​

Focus Areas

This founder friendly program will focus on supporting B2B technology startups across the world with solutions in the following areas:


Efficient and Sustainable Farming

  • Data acquisition: sensors, near/aerial imagery capturing , crop/soil sampling, insect traps, drones and robotics
  • Insights: Weather and climate intelligence, footprint calculation, carbon farming, compliance reporting
  • AI/ML farming recommendations: Planting, fertilization, irrigation, crop simulation models, crop protection, yield and quality

Optimizing Agricultural Logistics

  • Transport: GPS tracking, freight collaboration/carrier schedule integration, weighbridge integration
  • Insights: CO2 emissions, simulation models for transportation planning scenarios
  • Documentation: QR-code generation, templates

What We Look For

In addition to aligning to this program’s focus areas, your startup should:

1. Have a clear product-market fit for an enterprise software solution

2. Have secured VC funding

3. Have existing enterprise customers

4. Have resources in place to fully participate during the acceleration phase

5. Have sales and marketing resources to support your partnership with SAP