SAP.iO Foundry Berlin

Health Sciences Program

Fall 2021 Cohort


In September 2021, we plan to kick off a three-month, equity-free virtual startup program for B2B startups that are developing solutions addressing the key pain points across the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. During the program, our team will work closely with the startups on joint use-cases for these industries, provide technical support in building integrations with SAP platforms, and will help them in engaging with SAP clients globally. 

Life Sciences Track

We are looking for enterprise software startups that bring new value, insights and possibilities in the following categories:

  • R&D and Clinical Trials: Enhancing key R&D processes such as drug development, clinical trials, clinical supplies and patient engagement to bring new medicinal products to market faster.

  • Commercial Supply Chain: Shifting towards a supply and demand forecast that includes decisions on clinical trial parameters such as planned and active enrollment rates, shelf life, clinical site replenishment algorithms and capacity and logistics constraints

Healthcare Track

We are looking for startups with ambition to scale globally and can solve challenging business problems for our customers in the healthcare industry along the value chain to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies

  • Optimize outcomes for each individual patient

  • Apply data-driven innovations to guide caregivers and researchers

  • Enhance the overall patient experience

  • Empower healthcare workers to perform at their best