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The SAP.iO Venture Studio invests in small, entrepreneurial teams to build and launch products that attack some of the biggest problems in enterprise and challenge the status quo.

We identify future opportunities and markets today and fund ideas for employee-led innovation. After a competitive selection process, founders are empowered to turn innovative ideas into profitable businesses. Corporate venturing inside the world’s leading enterprise software company allows developing products at the intersection of creativity, courage and technology, while landing immediate impact on business and society.

Benefit from hands-on support from multidisciplinary mentors to build your business from the ground up

Access industry leading experience, expertise and excellence and tap into SAP’s unique data, technologies, and customer relationships

Attack the biggest problems in enterprise software and have an impact on massive markets

Ruum by SAP translates your business processes into actual project plans —
enabling your teams to deliver at their best.

Ruum is the platform of visibility and team collaboration.
We simplify your work-life and help get rid of messy email ping-pong; now you will understand where the team’s at, how you’re doing on timing, and what to focus on next.

Efficient, unbiased candidates screening

Brilliant Hire provides the most flexible, unbiased way to efficiently assess job applicants based on their competence, not what they write on their resume.

Manage your workplace relationships, save time, increase engagement.

Dabra helps you understand the other person better, increases engagement in the relationships and fosters trust, transparency and accountability.

The lightweight cloud-based solution that supports the operations leaders to know what’s going wrong and fix it!

In a world of growing complexity of enterprise IT and process landscapes, we want to make managing and improving enterprise business & process operations transparent, data-driven, simple and actionable!

Spotlight surfaces relevant issues, trigger appropriate actions and quantify ongoing improvements.

Spotlight will be the central hub where all relevant business operations data comes together & can easily be consumed by operations executives and all involved parties across the enterprise.

FlexPay by SAP Instant access to earned but unpaid wages

Financially underserved consumers pay $57B in interest and fees for short-term loans of this kind alone. 67+M Americans don’t have access to mainstream financial products.

2 in 5 Americans can’t afford a $400 medical expense.

FlexPay helps employees manage their personal finances by providing instant access to earned but unpaid wages.