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The SAP.iO Venture Studio invests in small, entrepreneurial teams to build and launch products that attack some of the biggest problems in enterprise and challenge the status quo.

We identify future opportunities and markets today and fund ideas for employee-led innovation. After a competitive selection process, founders are empowered to turn innovative ideas into profitable businesses. Corporate venturing inside the world’s leading enterprise software company allows developing products at the intersection of creativity, courage and technology, while landing immediate impact on business and society.

Benefit from hands-on support from multidisciplinary mentors to build your business from the ground up

Access industry leading experience, expertise and excellence and tap into SAP’s unique data, technologies, and customer relationships

Attack the biggest problems in enterprise software and have an impact on massive markets

Enter a new era of IT with Ruum by SAP

Ruum by SAP automates the long tail of organizational processes by allowing any business user to build processes and streamline projects easily without requiring any development skills.

Efficient, unbiased candidates screening

Brilliant Hire by SAP provides the most flexible, unbiased way to efficiently assess job applicants based on their competence, not what they write on their resume.

OwnID by SAP gives users the power to create their own digital ID card to use everywhere

When  users  register on a website with OwnID by SAP, passwords are no longer necessary. Their phone becomes the method of login and verification, ensuring the highest security standards and complete privacy of every account.  

The lightweight cloud-based solution that supports the operations leaders to know what’s going wrong and fix it!

In a world of growing complexity of enterprise IT and process landscapes, we want to make managing and improving enterprise business & process operations transparent, data-driven, simple and actionable!

Spotlight surfaces relevant issues, trigger appropriate actions and quantify ongoing improvements.

Spotlight will be the central hub where all relevant business operations data comes together & can easily be consumed by operations executives and all involved parties across the enterprise.

Raw material traceability made simple

GreenToken by SAP is a supply chain transparency solution that offers companies insights about the raw materials they procure. These insights give companies visibility into where raw materials came from including origin, material sustainability practices and information on if the material was fair traded and ethically sourced. To accomplish this GreenToken analyses raw material supply chains through reliable, blockchain-based information. This gives new levels of transparency allowing companies to produce products with knowledge about where and how the materials were produced, even in complex, non-batch supply chains.

Automate accounts receivable processes and collect cash sooner

Paid Pronto drives cash into businesses faster by automating receivable processes, beginning with customer correspondence. Through Paid Pronto’s automated communication solution, customers receive personalized and easy-to-digest reminders beginning when an invoice is first released until payment is received. These communications help Receivables teams deliver a seamless experience to the many customers they cover, address customer asks earlier in the process and ultimately collect payments sooner.