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Born from SAP
Built Together

Raise your in-house innovation to a whole new level backed by decades of SAP expertise

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Building the future of enterprise business processes, together.


Small teams inside SAP turn innovative ideas into the next market-shaking ventures. The SAP.iO Venture Studio enables teams to be entrepreneurial while harnessing the strengths of a market leader in enterprise software applications. Learn how recent SAP.iO ventures ensure customer success.

Our Process

  • Identify a business opportunity within SAP
  • Apply to the Venture Studio if you have an innovative idea that can transform enterprise business
  • Accept an invitation to the Venture Studio and begin to validate your idea
  • Leverage SAP expertise and support to position your startup for success
  • Tap into SAP’s unique data, technologies, and customer relationships to build your business
  • Graduate your venture into an SAP business unit
  • Realize opportunities in new markets where internal SAP teams have a unique right to win
  • Make connections, increase visibility, and build demand with SAP customers
  • Accelerate and grow