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Scale new ventures for long-term success

Employee-led ventures attack some of the biggest problems in enterprise to challenge the status quo

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Build the future of enterprise business processes.

Small, entrepreneurial teams inside SAP are empowered to turn innovative ideas into profitable businesses. Corporate venturing allows the combination of an entrepreneurial approach with the unique strengths of one of the market leaders in enterprise software applications. Find out below how our new growth businesses are ensuring customer success.

Receive Investment

Receive investment to realize opportunities in new markets where internal SAP-teams have a unique right to win

Access Resources

Tap into SAP’s unique data, technologies, and customer relationships to grow your business

Create Impact

Impact the strategic direction for one of the industry-leading software companies

Intelligent candidate job matching, powered by AI

Brilliant Hire by SAP intelligently matches candidates with a personalized shortlist of jobs on your careers page based on what really matters to them, using Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Automate accounts receivable processes and collect cash sooner

Paid Promptly by SAP drives cash into your business faster by automating receivable processesDeliver a seamless, personalized, customer experience through Paid Promptly’s automated communication solution, beginning when an invoice is first released until payment is received.

Raw material traceability made simple

GreenToken by SAP is a supply chain solution that offers companies new levels of transparency through reliable, blockchain-based information. Gain visibility into where raw materials came from and produce products with knowledge about where and how the materials were produced, even in complex, non-batch supply chains. 

Empower every business on the planet to achieve zero waste

EverLoop by SAP is a sustainability solution that connects stakeholders across the waste value chain to enable the circular economy, with transparency and traceability.

Simplify and automate sourcing to help all businesses run better

Source Agent by SAP makes sourcing accessible by bridging the gap between identified opportunities and delivered outcomes.

Quality goods used longer

Feather by SAP empowers brands and retailers to capture and control the value of their products after sale with a circular business.