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Invite-Only Pilot Program

SAP.iO Select Program

A flexible program helping startups establish a partnership with SAP at any time.

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About The Program

SAP.iO Select provides growth-stage startups with the opportunity to develop long-term partnerships with SAP, including defining joint use cases, product integration, and the opportunity to engage in various business development activities to drive demand with customers. This program accepts applications on a rolling basis and prioritizes startups with innovative software solutions that solve customer challenges.

What Makes SAP.iO Select Unique?

SAP.iO’s themed and cohort-based programs support startups with solutions in similar verticals and geographies as they launch partnerships with SAP. However, we understand that not every innovative solution fits into a pre-defined cohort. In 2024, we are piloting a new offering specially designed to empower startups with unique value propositions that may not align with one of our cohort themes or timelines. This program aims to expedite collaborations so startups can scale further and faster in 2024. This fully remote program is being run by our teams in Singapore and Tel Aviv and is open to startups from around the world.

What We’re Looking For

Applicants must meet the program requirements and will be assessed using our selection criteria.

Program Requirements

  • Enterprise SaaS: Demonstrate a clear product-market fit for an enterprise software solution.
  • Growth Stage: Privately held and for-profit company with maturity comparable to that of Series A-C round startups, regardless of your funding journey.
  • Customer Traction: Have a credible track record of enterprise customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Resources: Possess the necessary sales and marketing resources to facilitate and support a partnership with SAP.

Selection Criteria

  • Innovative Solution: Possess a unique, innovative solution that doesn’t necessarily fit into our predefined thematic topics.
  • Accelerated Timeline: Be prepared for expedited collaboration and scaling in 2024, independent of our cohort program timelines.
  • Integration Potential: Demonstrate the potential for integration with SAP products or complete a critical function not currently addressed by existing SAP products.
  • Partnership Mindset: Demonstrate readiness for a long-term operational partnership with SAP.
  • Growth Potential: Be ready to rapidly scale, exhibiting potential to drive strong demand in the market for your offering.

How it Works

Startups selected for this program will follow SAP.iO’s proven approach to launching and scaling a partnership with SAP in ≤6 months.


Define a Joint Use Case

Get support from a dedicated team with defining and validating a joint use case with SAP.

Develop an Integration

Get support with building an integration to an SAP solution.

Partner With SAP

Become a SAP PartnerEdge Build Partner and list your solution on the SAP Store.

Drive Demand & Build Pipeline

Leverage the reach of the world’s largest enterprise application provider to drive demand for your solution.

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of startups have scaled their businesses with SAP.iO.