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Your Customer Isn’t Always Right

From the largest of the Fortune 500 to the smallest startup, no business is one of infinite resources. You have a certain amount of cash, and then it’s gone. This reality clashes with an underlying value of customer service; customer correctness. It’s impossible to have limited cash and adhere to the slogan that your customer is always right. He’s not…

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SAP’s SAP.iO Foundry debuts the graduates of its second women-focused accelerator

SAP, the German-based enterprise software giant, has unveiled the New York-based cohort from its Foundry accelerator programs focused on women-led technology companies. The first program was launched in San Francisco in July 2017, and while the company has launched additional accelerator programs in Berlin and Tel Aviv (with plans for a Paris accelerator in the fall), it’s SAP’s San Francisco and New York programs that have a specific focus on women and founders of color, according to Vanessa Liu, a vice president in charge of the New York program…

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Accelerating Equity In Enterprise Technology

The last decade has seen unprecedented technological advancement. Products that once seemed possible only in the realm of science fiction have become part of our everyday lives. “Frontier technologies” like artificial intelligence and blockchain are changing the way we work and do business…

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