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SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo To Accelerate Startups for Sustainable Enterprise

April 20, 2021 SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today launched its B2B startup program at SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo with focus on Sustainable Enterprise. Six startups working in the areas of chasing Zero Emissions, Zero Waste, Zero Inequality, and building trust with transparency have been selected to join the program.

“With SAP customers generating 87% of total global commerce, we recognize both the opportunity and responsibility to deliver digital solutions that enable our customers to manage limited resources productively, contribute to an inclusive economy, and shape a sustainable future.” said Hirofumi Suzuki, SAP Japan President and Representative Director. “This program will encourage our customers to utilize a variety of new solutions or technologies with SAP systems brought by cutting-edged startups”

The equity-free program is designed to accelerate innovation and drive new business models for SAP’s customers. During the 13-week virtual program, the startups will have access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as collaboration opportunities with SAP customers.

The data and analytics cohort includes the following startups:

  • Astamuse provides data and algorithms for solving social problems and creating the future.
  • Babel provide “ailead” – cloud-based online meeting management and analysis service that maximizes the results of the entire sales team by supporting the development of salespersons.
  • Eitoss provides cloud services specialized in kaizen proposals system for manufacturing and other on-site industries.
  • Latona develops and provides Edge / AI / IoT Platform, Products, Solutions and Technologies.
  • Pirika contributes to resolve environmental issues based “Takanome” (assess litter distribution), “Pirika” (anti-litter SNS application), and “Albatross” (survey system of microplastics).
  • sustainacract provides highly transparent forest evaluation solution to generate sound fund flow to nature capital.

About SAP.iO
SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 370+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit

Rheaply redefines circular economy in architecture

When a building gets demolished, or refurbished, what happens to its parts? They might get destroyed, or just thrown away to the back of a junkyard, never to be seen again – or, they will get reused. And it’s that last option that Garry Cooper Jr, founder of Rheaply, decided to tackle when he launched his enterprise asset management venture in 2016. Rheaply is a digital platform that serves the circular economy, essentially enabling the rehoming of parts of buildings and equipment just before a structure is torn down, placing them in new, local buildings in construction, in a bid to enhance upcycling, sustainable architecture and local enterprise.

Ohio-born Cooper is now based in Chicago and the idea to found Rheaply was born there, thanks to his keen observation skills and entrepreneurial mind (while now he operates in the construction and architecture world, his background is in science). ‘It was super organic,’ he says. ‘I came to Chicago in 2008, and studied at Northwestern University, trying to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. I noticed in our lab we had lots of material that we were not using, from chairs, to plastics, chemicals, and I kept hearing people saying, oh if only I had this or that, and I knew we had whatever they needed somewhere in our closet. So I started a resource sharing platform – it was basically a cart!’

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Revuze’s New Market Research Solution “Sentimate” Nominated for Two Customer Experience Awards

Sentimate, the first-ever free, self-service market research platform developed by Revuze, enables brands of all sizes to perform customer experience research.

Revuze, the provider of AI-powered market research for the world’s biggest brands, has been nominated in two categories at the inaugural edition of the US Customer Experience Awards, which will culminate in an online ceremony on June 30, 2022. The awards for which Revuze is competing as a finalist are Best Innovation in CX and Best Technology.

Revuze’s new solution, Sentimate, is the first-ever free platform that delivers instant access to market research analysis on over 300,000 products. With Sentimate, product companies of all sizes — including small and medium-sized businesses, as well as business individuals — can easily monitor their customers’ experiences, identify emerging trends, and perform many research tasks on any product, including SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, and category analysis.

“We are honored to be nominated at the US Customer Experience Awards for these two important categories,” said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze. “With the unprecedented boom in eCommerce that our society is experiencing, finding innovative ways to monitor customer experience has become critical. Brands are on the lookout for new ways to keep up with their market dynamics; our solution, Sentimate, fills one of the big gaps of traditional market research.”

“Sentimate is destined to change the game for product companies committed to improving their customer experience, as well as individual analysts searching for insights on consumer products, as it is the first AI-powered tool capable of substituting lengthy and costly research methods, including focus groups,” Grinvald continued.

As businesses strive to become more customer centric, it’s imperative for them to have the ability to perform research tasks on a daily basis in order to make informed, data-driven business decisions. Sentimate achieves this by always being up to date and accessible at any time.

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5 Visionary Companies Leveraging Startup Innovation to Optimize Business, Finance and Operations Processes

SAP’s ERP, Financial Management, and Spend Management solutions help thousands of businesses increase efficiency and gain insight to guide their businesses by solving complex business problems. Since 2017, SAP.iO has been building an ecosystem of startup solutions to help customers extend the value of their investment in these SAP solutions and we’re proud that over 145 startups in our portfolio are integrated with SAP solutions including SAP S/4HANA and SAP Ariba and are available on the SAP Store. 


Each of the 5 companies featured below are staying ahead of the curve by leveraging startup innovation to optimize their business, finance, and operations processes. 


Decathlon & Trustpair: Reducing risk by detecting and preventing wire transfer fraud

Decathlon, a leading sporting goods retailer, teamed up with Trustpair to build a clean Vendor Master File and work with reliable supplier data to comply with Loi Sapin II regulations in less than 4 months. Today, Decathlon continues to prevent payment errors and reduce fraud risks by continuously auditing third party databases. 

Trustpair works with SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, and SAP Ariba and is available on SAP Store 

Bunge & Sedna: Harmonizing global supply chain communications 

Bunge has over 25,000 employees across 40 countries and was looking for new ways to bring their global supply chain team together. They used SEDNA’s intelligent communication system to harmonize workflows, processes, and information across the company – resulting in improved visibility and productivity. 

Sedna works with SAP S/4HANA Cloud & Industry Cloud and is available on SAP Store 

RWE Power & Pexapark AG: Customizing benchmarks and delivering insights for renewable energy prices   

RWE, a leading German energy company, required clear and up-to-date insights into the current market pricing of clean energy to scale their investment in renewable energy. They partnered with Pexapark to develop a customized pricing, analysis, sourcing, and monitoring solution that models forward pricing curves across European markets on demand. 

 Pexapark AG works with SAP S/4HANA and is available on SAP Store 

Dole & Clarifruit: Developing a next-gen quality control platform to target a 10% reduction in fruit loss 

Dole joined forces with Clarifruit to launch an innovative commercial partnership to automate their quality control processes and reduce fruit loss. By implementing an AI-powered solution, Dole can automatically collect inspection data, integrate it into their ERP system, and provide their leadership team with high-quality real-time information and analytics. 

 Clarifruit works with SAP S/4HANA and is available on SAP Store 

SAP & 4tiitoo: Leveraging eye tracking technology to improve employee ergonomics 

As part of their “pledge to flex” initiative, SAP worked with 4tiitoo to implement their AI-powered gaze control solution that provides employees with an innovative tool that helps improve ergonomics by reducing mouse movements and mouse-keyboard swaps. This new feature is already working to improve employee wellbeing, increase efficiency, and embed accessibility across business processes. 

 4tiitoo works with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and is available on SAP Store 

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SAP.iO Takes the SAP Consumer Products Customer Advisory Council

On April 13th, over 50 of SAP’s top customers in Consumer Products gathered virtually at this year’s SAP Consumer Products Customer Advisory Council (CPAC). The group met to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the industry, with a focus on exceeding the ever-changing, diverse expectations of consumers. To demonstrate innovations SAP is bringing to customers SAP.iO Startups Jebbit, Mention Me, Teamcore, and Wisy were chosen to present their applications during the session.

“We had four SAP.iO startups join the SAP Consumer Products Council to show innovation that is extending SAP. Teamcore and Wisy are innovative solutions that extend SAP’s solutions for Retail Activity Optimization and Jebbit and Mention Me deliver edge innovations in consumer products marketing. The attendees loved the session and are pursuing next steps.”

-Harris Fogel, Global Vice President Consumer Products

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Celebrating twelve months of Source Agent by SAP

Last spring, the SAP.iO Venture Studio welcomed a new employee-led venture to their portfolio: Source Agent by SAP. Time flies and with this big achievement just flying by, we wanted to talk to the growing team about their first year together and take a peek into its plans for the coming months.

The first 365 days

Starting a business is often a huge step. With just an idea and a vision starting to build from scratch requires great determination — but also handling a lot of uncertainty. However, it is an even greater feeling if one manages to build something that actually works. Transforming strategic sourcing for businesses into a web-based process that supports sourcing managers in their procurement strategy had been on Travis Mattern and Will Caseber’s mind for a while. It ultimately resulted in launching their journey as co-founders of their own venture, Source Agent by SAP, in 2021. They have since come a long way.

After participating in the six-month SAP.iO Intrapreneurship program, the two founders secured funding and started their branding process. Since then, the founding duo behind Source Agent by SAP hired their first employees, built a website and stepped up their social media presence, established a go-to-market approach, and built their concierge delivery model for opportunity assessments with help from the SAP.iO Venture Studio, SAP’s in-house incubator for employee-led ventures.

“Looking back, we did a lot in a short time with a small team. I think our biggest achievement was convincing customers to engage with us, to explore how they manage their sourcing function, and ultimately take a critical look at where they might have opportunities to save money for their organizations,” said Will, Head of Operations and Go To Market for Source Agent.

Challenges and learning along the way

Source Agent by SAP’s solution helps companies maximize the value of their eSourcing software investment and provides a holistic and personalized strategy to address spend intelligently and impress your stakeholders. The venture is currently on track to deliver a working version of their solution to help customers visualize their spend and strategically apply eSourcing in their business. But with so much work already done, what have been some of the challenges the team faced in the past year?

“With the current hot job market, hiring technical resources was — and is — very challenging,” said Travis, General Manager of Source Agent. “I did not anticipate it would take so long to find qualified resources.”

Hiring while working from home brings another challenge to the mix. However, as the old saying goes, good things take time and the team has since expanded from two co-founders to thirteen people today.

Even though Travis and Will knew the potential of their idea from day one, the true value of the approach became most apparent when talking with prospective customers.

“My greatest learning this year was the confirmation from prospects that we are bringing a new concept that is highly in demand by an underserved market.” Will said. “To give the best possible outcome, we use both the sourcing activity on the SAP Business Network and market data from our data partners. But this learning also increases the pressure for the team to move at pace.”

A peek into the future

With their first seven customers, the team is currently working hard on their solution and are eager to make moreprogress.

“We spent a lot of time in the first year establishing a brand, building a team, developing partnerships, and learning from customers via our concierge services,” Travis summarized. “We are now growing our development team to digitize our learnings and deliver on our vision of simplifying strategic sourcing.”

Thinking back about the first year of Source Agent by SAP, Travis recapped: “Our first year was stressful, yet very exciting.”

Well, we congratulate Source Agent by SAP to their first twelve months as an employee-led venture and are excited to hear about their next milestones and the ongoing partnership with the SAP.iO Venture Studio.

Happy first anniversary to Source Agent by SAP!

About Source Agent by SAP

Great sourcing shouldn’t be a secret. Source Agent by SAP gives you the insights and strategies to address spend intelligently and wow your stakeholders. Identify sourcing opportunities by aligning your spend to current market intelligence. Receive a targeted sourcing strategy and supplier recommendations based on your data and requirements for each spend category. Quickly convert strategies and plans into eSourcing event prep and execution. More on this venture on

About SAP.iO Venture Studio

SAP.iO Venture Studio drives a new era of organic growth at SAP. It invests in new ventures founded by small, entrepreneurial teams inside of SAP who are focused on building the future of enterprise business processes. SAP.iO Venture Studio provides design, development, and sales support to help these ventures launch. Founding teams join the SAP.iO Venture Studio primarily through the SAP.iO Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) programs. Find out more on

Vyasa Layar Now Available on SAP Store

 Vyasa Analytics LLC, an innovative provider of highly scalable deep learning AI analytics software for healthcare, life sciences, and business applications, announced today the availability of its Vyasa Layar offering on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. Through Vyasa Layar data fabric, users can connect to Sybase® and to SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) with SAP HANA® to create a unified data experience regardless of data format or storage location.

Vyasa’s offering accelerates the discovery of actionable intelligence by improving the accessibility and visualization of organizational data. Its deep learning data fabric, Vyasa Layar, unifies data across disparate silos, regardless of where data are stored or structured, and without requiring a data lake. When connected to SAP environments such as SAP HANA, Vyasa Layar is able to create a harmonized data experience for customers to extract critical insights from both structured and unstructured content within a single platform. Recently, Vyasa collaborated with SAP to provide a public sector client with a data fabric solution that unifies silos of unstructured content with structured customer data in SAP HANA to enable a paradigm shift in their analytics capabilities that will help improve financial forecasting and customer interactions.

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Keep Your Eyes on These SAP.iO Human Experience Management Startups

Since 2017, SAP.iO has been working closely with SAP SuccessFactors in order to help build an ecosystem of innovation for HR leaders. As SAP customers continue to utilize SAP SuccessFactors solutions to ensure that their employees have the tools needed to thrive, they can now additionally access over 25 solutions from SAP.iO startups are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and are available on the SAP Store for customers to discover, learn, and adopt.

Check out these Human Experience Management startups available on SAP Store that are leading the future of work and HR technology.

Inspiring Innovators: Christine Moon President & Co-Founder of BlueSpace on Staying Curious

At SAP.iO, we work with innovative people and new technologies that positively impact our world every day, and we think it’s time to share their stories with you! In our series, “Inspiring Innovators,” we get to hear how founders, CEOs, presidents of cutting-edge startup technologies overcame, thrived, and pursued their goals. SAP.iO’s very own Alexa Gorman sat down to discuss the road to success and lessons learned with some of our most inspiring startup founders. Today we spent time with Christine Moon of BlueSpace to discuss how she used curiosity as a guide throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Meet Christine Moon

Christine Moon is a perfect example of when life takes you to a fork in the road to look at it as an opportunity. Born in South Korea, she moved to the US as a child for her dad’s work. Not able to speak English and a new culture shook up her world, and she started to look at life differently as she learned new customs. A short time later, her family moved back to South Korea, and she faced another period of readjustment. The influence of other cultures allowed Christine to be curious and learn to enjoy the ride.

In 2019, her world changed once more. Apple purchased the company where Christine was working. As part of her curious nature, she sat back and asked herself, ‘what have we learned? What do we wish we had?’ the answer to that question was certainty. She wanted the certainty to safely deploy software that allows an autonomous system to “see” the velocity of all objects in all directions and scale it across geographies. This question led to a very different approach and inspired her to start a new company, BlueSpace.

Today, Christine Moon is president and Co-founder of BlueSpace, a company leveraging 4D sensors to provide a safety layer for self-driving vehicles. Their dynamic predictive perception software allows an autonomous system to “see” the velocity of all objects in all directions and won them the 2021 NASA iTech Cycle I award. Starting with Christine’s quest for certainty, they built a company that enables safety performance independent of any training data, a technology that allows for immediate reaction to new objects and scenarios.

“Be curious, and this is what I would share with my children or anyone who wants to think about this entrepreneurial journey and take the critical approach. Don’t be afraid to take a different approach to think outside of what you’re used to come up with a solution.”

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The metaverse could be tech’s next trillion-dollar opportunity: These are the companies making it a reality

The metaverse is one of the hottest buzzwords in tech, and this far-reaching vision of a next-gen internet will rely upon an entire ecosystem of companies to make it a reality – including two startups from SAP.iO’s portfolio. Expivi and VNTANA were both identified as leaders in the 3D modeling and capture space by CB Insights. Both solutions are integrated with SAP and are available on the SAP Store.

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iO in Style: The SAP Fashion Customer Council Recap

The latest SAP Fashion Customer Council took place online on April 7th, 2022, where 25 of SAP’s strategic customers in fashion came together to discuss the industry’s latest innovations and pain points, with sustainability front and center on the runway. SAP.iO startups CarbonClick and Shippeo were chosen to present their comprehensive solutions that are solving SAP fashion customers’ biggest challenges, and most importantly, shared how their solutions are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

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Caitlin MacGregor from Plum Featured on The RecruitingDaily Podcast

Caitlin MacGregor from Plum talks about the talent shortage on the latest episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast.

Plum is a SaaS platform that leverages industrial, organizational psychology to assess people’s innate talents and understand what drives them and gives them a sense of self worth, and what drains them and leads to burnout. The platform can quantify people’s innate talents, like their ability to innovate, communicate, and work well with others.

They work with mid-size to enterprise companies, to help them in everything from hiring through onboarding, as well as employee development, internal mobility, workforce planning, succession planning, leadership potential, and taking this data across the employee lifecycle.

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SAP.iO Launches Resilient Supply Chain Startup Program in Collaboration with Accenture

April 06, 2022 SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) has launched a virtual startup program focused on building a resilient supply chain at the SAP.iO Foundries Munich and Tel Aviv. A jury of experts from SAP and Accenture, alongside SAP partners and SAP customers including Siemens, Porsche Digital selected 12 startups from four supply chain domains to join the program.

The program builds upon SAP and Accenture’s long-standing partnership and shared commitment to using technology to help the world build a more resilient Supply Chain. The startups in this cohort will receive curated mentorship, access to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and exposure to SAP and Accenture customers to develop high-impact proofs of concept.

Supply chain operations often represent the greatest area for risk and loss in many companies. By their nature, supply chains are globally dispersed and complex in their functionality. This makes them especially vulnerable to risk. Resilient supply chain technologies reduce risk by allowing visibility into all operations across the network – and empowering businesses to optimize and adapt their processes and logistics in real-time.

To address these challenges in the world’s supply chains, SAP.iO Foundries Munich and Tel Aviv joined forces and introduced the “Resilient Supply Chain” program. The cohort is the largest to date. The startups will work with the Foundries as well as leading companies from various fields on integration and partnership with SAP.

According to Jan Gilg, President and Chief Product Officer SAP S/4HANA, “A resilient supply chain, with risk strategies in place, predicts, responds and recovers from unanticipated events by either returning to its original state or morphing into a state that is even better at profitably meeting customers’ needs. It is about using the right tools to make the right business decisions, even under pressure.”

Over the next 14 weeks, the startups will have access to curated mentorship from SAP executives, exposure to SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers around the world. Their work includes creating new partnerships and value propositions that help solve key supply chain challenges.

The following startups are participating in the program:

Business Planning & Resiliency

Transportation Management

  • MIXMOVE AS – Pushing the boundaries of performance, efficiency and sustainability in logistics.
  • Portcast – Real-time predictive visibility and demand forecasting

Warehousing and fulfillment

  • CognitOps Inc.  – Automate your warehouse management
  • Logidot – Optimize your industrial logistics and production with real-time tracking
  • Magazino GmbH – builds and develops intelligent, mobile robots that automate material supply in production logistics.
  • Picavi GmbH – Pick-by-Vision for cost reduction in your warehouse
  • Verity –  Information and insights when and where you need them–powered by self-flying drones

Last-Mile Delivery

About SAP.iO
SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 300+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit

Getting Into the Right Mindset: Pointers from Paradox to set you up for a successful journey with SAP

SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco graduate Paradox knows a thing or two about navigating the big, blue, bureaucratic ship that is SAP. From the get-go, Paradox considered SAP a strategic partner and came ready to commit to the path early on. From being the only digital recruiting assistant on SAP Store to use AI/ML to becoming an endorsed app in 2021(and a unicorn at that!), Paradox’s grit and mindset have helped them get a handle on the ins and outs of partnering with SAP, despite the various challenges. We sat down with Sylvia Miller, Paradox’s SVP of Alliances and Partnerships to discuss the mindset needed to optimize SAP as a channel partner.

On your mark, get set, learn!

One of the ways to make the most of your partnership with SAP? Come with a “ready-to-learn” attitude; consider yourself a student in the front row of SAP University! Sylvia emphasized the importance of asking questions, and being in a constant learning mode.

Some questions you should work to answer as an SAP Partner:

  • How does the SAP ecosystem function overall?
  • What are the general expectations of such a large enterprise? (from security and compliance to deadlines).
  • Who are the key stakeholders that I must align with, and how do I reach them?
  • What are the biggest needs and challenges of our mutual clients?
  • What tangible tips and nuggets can SAP.iO’s curated mentorship provide to me?
  • How can our startup organization and solution leverage SAP’s technology and open integration platform?

If you can’t answer these questions throughout your partnership journey, you will likely have a lot of difficulty in navigating a fruitful path forward. Once you do have the answers, there will be plethora of action items and follow ups for you to get to work on.

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