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SingaporeFeaturedHR & People EngagementAnnouncements
September 14, 2021

SAP.iO Foundry Singapore Kicks-Off “Future of Work” Startup Program

September 14, 2021 — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) launched a virtual startup program focusing on human resources (HR) technology and the future of work solutions at SAP.iO Foundry Singapore in…
Brilliant Hire’s Smart Job MatchingPortfolio NewsFunding AnnouncementHR & People Engagement
August 26, 2021

On-Demand Coaching Platform Bravely Announces $15M Series A Funding Round

Bravely, the technology platform connecting people to on-demand professional coaching and development, announced a $15 million funding round led by Telescope Partners. This funding round will further Bravely's rapid growth and…
San FranciscoPortfolio NewsHR & People Engagement
August 24, 2021

Paradox acquires Baltimore-based Traitify to simplify recruiting process

Paradox, a recruiting software designed to make the process more conversational and personalized, has announced its acquisition of Traitify, a mobile-first digital assessment platform based in Baltimore, to simplify the…
San FranciscoPodcastHR & People Engagement
August 13, 2021

The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley

In the Use Case Podcast, episode 114, we have storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley. During this episode, Joanna talks about how practitioners make the business case or the use…