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Grow by SAP is laser focused on being the uncontested, trusted technology partner to power scaleup growth. We are committed today to ensure the success of the business who will achieve something out of this world tomorrow.

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Introducing Grow by SAP

A Comprehensive Offer

A SaaS package created for hypergrowth organizations to deliver immediate impact which is based on SAP best practices.

Agile and Scalable

Together with your Customer Success Director, we support you in achieving your expansion and growth goals. Up to 6 months free run!

Fast Time to Value

We bring 50 years of business know-how and security, meanwhile, delivering implementation in 4 weeks with our MVP for hypergrowth organizations.

Growth Partnership

We put skin in the game!  We focus on providing transformative growth opportunities that are groundbreaking opportunities for our clients and partners.

What’s in it for you?


  • Automate and streamline your finance
  • Control and steer your core operations and global projects
  • Optimize your burn rate
  • 20-30% productivity improvements


  • Establish Credibility and trust in the market
  • Reinforce your investors’ trust with reliable financials
  • Maximize your valuation & prepare for IPO or another exit
  • 100% Real-time business transparency and clarity


  • Scale up globally
  • Free your time from back-office
  • Streamline your talent acquisition & engagement
  • 30% Increase in sales

You’re in good company

A comprehensive offer

We cover the main processes to support your company through hypergrowth and help you scale. A pure SaaS package that can cover finance, procurement, supplier relationship, project management, core HR processes, or even travel & expenses.

We work by your side to define the scope of what is required today and create a roadmap to support along your growth journey.

Agile and scalable

Every hypergrowth company has a unique path, that is why we can activate the right functionality at the right time to fit your trajectory and reach your business objectives.

We offer up to 6 months of free-run solutions for you to unlock the value of SAP for your business.

Fast and timely

We built an implementation baseline to get you up and running in less than 4 weeks for the core processes.

We have packaged the best of SAP by leveraging the best practices gathered with our customers over nearly 50 years of experience. These out of the box processes will help you run based on the feedback from the highest performing companies in the world.

A tech partnership

Grow by SAP is focused on creating long term partnerships, that is why we put skin in the game and bet we will grow by your side.

We want to help you grow by leveraging SAP’s ecosystem to find potential synergies with our existing customers.

Contact us to check if you are eligible for a 6 months free run!

No joke, no strings, just Grow By SAP.

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