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Principled Leadership

Over the course of the last two years, our team has grown from eight people to more than one hundred twenty. It’s been a sight to behold. But growth also brings its own challenges. Two years ago, we were in the trenches together day after day. We were close to the problems. The field of battle was concentrated. Today, the theater has sprawled. We have distinctly different businesses, different foci, and different skills. We have matured as an organization. And that maturity creates distance between each of our leaders and those on the front lines.

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Your Customer Isn’t Always Right

From the largest of the Fortune 500 to the smallest startup, no business is one of infinite resources. You have a certain amount of cash, and then it’s gone. This reality clashes with an underlying value of customer service; customer correctness. It’s impossible to have limited cash and adhere to the slogan that your customer is always right. He’s not…

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