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German Multinational SAP Launches 1st Foundry Program in Tel Aviv with 7 Startups

Foundry owners pictures cutting ribbon

We are excited to welcome these entrepreneurs to the SAP.iO family and help them accelerate their business with SAP,” said Alexa Gorman, head of SAP.iO Foundries EMEA (Europe, Mideast, and Africa). “We recognize that Israel has a dynamic high-tech ecosystem and our Tel Aviv Foundry reflects our commitment to the Israeli ecosystem.” The selected startups will have SAP’s support and access to its technological expertise, the multinational said in a statement.

“We believe in their ability to offer a variety of advanced solutions for SAP’s customers,” said Orna Kleinmann, managing director at SAP Labs Israel and SVP Technology & Innovation Cloud Experience, of the Israeli startups.

The seven selected startups for the 12-week program are:

  • ARpalus, a Caesaria-based AR and predictive analytics retail technology startup founded just this year. ARpalus is building a platform for the automatic collection and deep analysis of shoppers’ behavioral data.
  • EasySend, a Tel Aviv startup founded in 2016 that helps financial enterprises improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency through a platform that enables businesses to present customers with digital forms in a simple interface.
  • GrowthSpace, a startup developing a tailored online coaching platform for enterprise employees.
  • Outgage, a SaaS “marketing first” direct mail platform for email marketing and analytics.
  • Silverback, a Tel Aviv startup founded in 2014 that built a sales intelligence platform for online marketplaces.
  • Supersmart, a Rosh Ha’ayin-based retail tech startup founded in 2014 that provides a “Scan&Go” solution with advanced loss prevention capabilities, enabling consumers to instantly check out their fully- loaded cart or basket.
  • YOUTILIGENT, a Petah Tikva startup founded in 2016 that developed a connected consumer solution for connected appliances using machine learning and IoT tech.

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סאפ השיקה בתל אביב אקסלרטור לסטארט-אפים

סאפ השיקה היום (ג’) בתל אביב את האקסלרטור שלה, Foundry, שמיועד לסטארט-אפים שמפתחים פתרונות לארגונים על בסיס של תוכנה כשירות (SaaS), ושהטכנולוגיה שלהם יכולה להתממשק עם הפתרונות של החברה הגרמנית. התכנית הראשונה של המיזם החלה בחודש זה ותסתיים בדצמבר, ובכוונת החברה לקיים שני מחזורים בכל שנה. בסאפ כבר עובדים על המחזורים שיתקיימו בשנה הבאה, ומחפשים חברות. כל מחזור מיועד לחברות מתחום אחר, כשהפעם משתתפים בו סטארט-אפים בתחום הדיפ טק.

SAP’s Venture Arm Announces Startups Selected for Tel Aviv Foundry

Foundry owners pictures cutting ribbon

SAP.iO, the early-stage venture arm of multinational enterprise software company SAP SE, unveiled on Tuesday the seven startups chosen to participate in the first cohort of its new Tel Aviv-based accelerator program, SAP.iO Foundry. As part of the 12-week program, the startups will receive mentorship and access to SAP’s data, technology, and customer base. SAP already operates its foundry program in Paris, Berlin, Munich, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

The companies are retail analytics startup ARpalus Ltd.; EasySend Ltd., a startup providing customer service technology for financial institutions; online coaching company Growth Space Ltd.; marketing startup Outgage Inc.; online marketplace analytics startup Silverback Associates Ltd.; instant checkout company Supersmart Ltd.; and smart appliances startup YOUTILIGENT smart solutions Ltd.

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German giant SAP sets up accelerator program in Tel Aviv

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German multinational software firm SAP SE is setting up an accelerator program in Israel, seeking new technologies in order to expand the portfolio of technologies and services it can provide to customers.

The Foundry program will be run by SAP.iO, a strategic business unit of SAP set up in 2017 to work closely with startups and tap into their innovations. The unit either invests in early stage startups or runs accelerator programs that provide selected startups with mentorships, a co-working space, and access to its 400,000 customers globally who can work closely with entrepreneurs to make sure their specific needs are met. The program will also make available data and SAP platforms startups may need to develop their technologies.

Seven startups have been selected for the first accelerator cohort:

  • ARpalus is an AR and predictive analytics retail technology startup that uses artificial reality (AR) and predictive analytics for the automatic collection and deep analysis of large-scale shoppers’ behavioral data.
  • EasySend helps financial enterprises improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency by allowing them to digitize all of their paperwork and “cumbersome” forms.
  • GrowthSpace develops tailored online coaching platforms for enterprise employees. Users hold one on one video coaching sessions with specific career objectives.
  • Outgage is a Software as a Service (SaaS) direct mail platform that bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns to create personalized brand experiences for effective conversations between enterprises and their customers.
  • Silverback is a sales intelligence platform for online marketplaces. It uses cross-marketplace analytics to enable online stores, sellers and brands to see their products’ sales performance across different e-commerce channels to enable them to do better pricing, marketing and promotions.
  • Supersmart provides a “Scan&Go” solution that allows consumers to instantly check out their fully loaded cart or basket, enabling a positive customer experience.
  • YOUTILIGENT uses machine learning and Internet of Things to enable vendors and service providers to change the way they communicate with their appliances.

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German Tech Giant SAP Launches Tel Aviv Start-up Accelerator

Foundry owners pictures cutting ribbon

German software giant SAP further expanded its significant Israeli operations on Tuesday as the company launched the newest branch of its SAP.iO “Foundry” start-up accelerator in Tel Aviv. The SAP.iO Foundry program is part of SAP’s multi-million dollar global innovation strategy to accelerate early-stage business-to-business (B2B) start-ups and provide hi-tech solutions to more than 400,000 customers.

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SAP.IO מכריזה על תוכנית FOUNDRY SAP.IO ראשונה בת”א

(SAP SE (NYSE: SAP הכריזה היום, על נבחרת בת שבע חברות סטארטאפ ישראליות הנכללות בסבב הראשון של SAP.iO Foundry TLV. התוכנית המהווה חלק מאסטרטגית החדשנות של SAP, נועדה לספק סיוע ותמיכה לחברות סטארטאפ צעירות (early stage) מתחום ה-B2B בבניית תוכנות אשר יספקו ערך משמעותי עבור לקוחותיה של SAP. לחברות הסטארטאפ תהיה גישה לייעוץ ייעודי, חשיפה לממשקי התכנות של SAP בתחומי התוכנה והטכנולוגיה והזדמנות לשיתופי פעולה עם הלקוחות של חברת SAP.

SAP To Launch Tel Aviv Accelerator For Early-Stage, Deep Tech Startups

European multinational SAP SE is opening an accelerator program in Tel Aviv designed to support early-stage startups building innovative software, the software corporation said in a statement. The 12-week program, dubbed SAP.iO Foundry, will start in July 2019 and will work with 10 startups “focused on deep technology and the intelligent enterprise to deliver incremental value to SAP’s customers,” the company said.

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