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SAP is awarded for its startup friendliness and accelerator program

December 17, 2021 — For the second time in a row, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) was recognized with the annual Corporate Startup Stars Award 2021 as one of the Top 25 companies to encourage startup innovation.

In addition, SAP was again honored with the Corporate Startup Accelerator Award for its efforts in accelerating and working with startups. On December 16, the International Chamber of Commerce and innovation advisory firm Mind the Bridge announced this year’s winners at the award ceremony in Paris.

SAP follows a holistic open innovation approach by driving both organic and startup innovation to remain a resilient player in today’s global marketplace and deliver new innovation to customers. With its strategic business unit SAP.iO, SAP supports early-stage ventures to accelerate new ideas inside and outside the company.

“We see ourselves as the matchmakers between startups on the one side and SAP customers on the other.” said Alexa Gorman, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP.iO Foundries & Intrapreneurship. “This recognition validates our open innovation approach to work closely with promising, diverse startups and bring additional innovation to our customers.”

Since 2016, the Corporate Startup Stars Awards have celebrated companies that are role models in open innovation and are strongly committed to working with startups. Therefore, the startups nominate the corporates they believe to be most active in terms of open innovation themselves.

“Consistently over the past years, SAP confirmed to be among the world’s corporates that are more effective in turning open innovation into results,” said Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the Bridge. “SAP engages with global startups in multiple ways, ranging from acceleration and partnerships to investments and acquisitions. We specifically appreciated SAP’s approach and particularly its recent evolutions. The SAP.iO Intrapreneurship program and SAP.iO Venture Studio are an interesting benchmark as well as the way SAP evolved and optimized its corporate startup accelerator.” 

About SAP.iO
SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 330+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit

5 Visionary Companies Transforming Their Supply Chains with Startup Innovation

Now more than ever, businesses need to respond effectively to changes in supply, demand, and market conditions – and we’re proud that over 25 SAP.iO startup solutions for supply chain management are integrated with solutions like SAP S/4HANA and are available on SAP Store to help our customers become more agile.

In this round-up, we’re proud to highlight 5 stories featuring visionary companies that are working with startups to transform how they manage their supply chains.


Coca-Cola Hellenic & Shippeo: Leveraging real-time transportation visibility for logistics operations

Coca-Cola Hellenic worked with Shippeo to improve functional efficiency and simplify their operations. By leveraging real-time transportation visibility powered by Shippeo, they were able to improve collaboration with carriers to improve service levels, reduce transportation costs and simplify back-office activities.

Shippeo works with SAP Industry Cloud & SAP Logistics Business Network and is available on SAP store.

Anheuser-Busch & Wise Systems: Proactively planning out deliveries and reducing late deliveries by 80%

Anheuser-Busch collaborated with Wise Systems to optimize its delivery network in record time. By replacing manual planning with an app-based delivery routing platform, Anheuser-Busch was able to reduce late deliveries by 80% and reduce their fuel costs by 6% year-over-year.

Wise Systems work with SAP S/4HANA & Industry Cloud and is available on SAP Store.

Danone & Flowlity: Optimization of raw materials and packaging in the food industry

Danone, a world leading food company, worked with Flowity to optimize its stock levels and increase the accuracy of their consumption forecasts. By deploying Flowlity, Danone is now able to dynamically adjust their safety stock and replenishment, resulting in a reduction in shortages and inventory levels.

Flowlity works with SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA and is available on SAP Store.

Unilever & Scantrust: Farm-to-Fork Traceability with QR codes

Unilever worked with Scantrust to differentiate their products from their competition and validate origin statements by introducing a blockchain-powered traceability solution. By embedding QR codes on their packaging that linked to Scantrust’s gateway containing farm-to-fork details, Unilever was able to develop a new level of trust with their consumers and increase sales for their food and beverage products in Vietnam.

Scantrust works with SAP Logistics Business Network & SAP Industry Cloud and is available on SAP Store.

EnergyAustralia & NET2GRID: Unlocking new revenue streams for EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia was looking for a way to analyze energy data in order to empower their customers to take actionable measures to reduce their electricity bills. They worked with NET2GRID to connect smart meter data with a consumer-facing app that resulted in greater customer engagement and increased customer loyalty.

NET2GRID works with SAP Industry Cloud, SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite and is available on SAP Store.

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SAP Launches First SAP.iO Program in China

SAP.iO has launched its first program in China focused on intelligent manufacturing. Five Chinese startups have been selected to join the cohort at the new SAP.iO Foundry Shanghai.

The SAP.iO program is designed to accelerate early-stage business-to-business startups that can extend the SAP portfolio and deliver additional innovation to customers.

“Intelligent manufacturing is not only the national policy of the Chinese government but also the only way forward for China’s economic growth and the transformation of manufacturing enterprises,” said Dr. Chenhong Huang, Global Executive Vice President, SAP SE, and President, SAP Greater China. “Engaging with partners such as startups is critical to succeed in the rapidly growing enterprise software market. SAP.iO complements intelligent manufacturing software from SAP with startup innovation.”

The new Shanghai location reflects SAP’s continued commitment to the vibrant Chinese ecosystem. It extends SAP’s global network of equity-free startup accelerators in the Asia Pacific Japan, North America and Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions as its tenth SAP.iO Foundries location. During the 12-week program, the selected startups will have access to curated mentorship from SAP executives, exposure to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs) and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers.

“We will be working hand in hand with these amazing startups over the next three months to help them integrate with SAP technology and deliver high value to our customers,” said Lalitha Bhaskara, Vice President, SAP.iO Foundries for Asia Pacific Japan & China, SAP.

The cohort of startups at SAP.iO Foundry Shanghai include:

  • AI-LINK Network Co. Ltd. is a mobile edge computing platform that provides 5G services, including terminals, base stations and cloud platforms. It enables industrial automation for customers in manufacturing, logistics and energy industries.
  • TPSON is a fire protection prewarning system provider. It uses artificial intelligence (AI), fingerprint technology, cloud computing and operation services to integrate organically and provide comprehensive fire AI alerts, energy demand management and efficiency improvements for smart factories.
  • SunwayLand provides Internet of Things gateway SCADA and automation software for the multilevel control needs of digital workshops and smart factories.
  • HiScene develops augmented reality products and services that use AI core technologies, such as computer vision, deep learning and intelligent interaction.
  • Geekplus Technology Co. Ltd. uses AI and advanced robotics technologies to create efficient, flexible and reliable logistics robot solutions that help businesses improve efficiency and realize the intelligent and flexible transformation of their supply chain.

To learn more about how SAP.iO is helping innovators start up and scale with SAP, please visit

So, You Think SAP is the Right Partner for You. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Are you a part of SAP.iO’s startup portfolio? Maximize your partnership with SAP using these 3 tips from our latest conversation with Max Schmitt, Partner Manager at parcelLab.

It takes two. For SAP, partnerships and cultivating an impressive open innovative ecosystem are crucial to its success. For startups looking to partner with SAP, who find that a technical integration with SAP is critical in their strategic roadmap, joining SAP.iO Foundries is certainly the fastest way to get a foot in the door. After the 3-month Foundry program where the SAP.iO team is a hand to hold, what happens next? What makes up the secret sauce to SAP partner success post-Foundry?

We spoke to Max Schmitt, Partner Manager at parcelLab, a leading Operations Experience Management platform and SAP.iO startup, to find out.

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Four SAP.iO Startups Named to Inc 5000 List in 2021

SAP.iO is proud to announce that four startups in our portfolio were named to Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list for 2021.

BigID (Backed by SAP.iO Fund) was recognized for 14,421% 3-Year Growth. Their solution helps organizations discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their personal data and is available on the SAP Store.

Paradox (Accelerated by SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco) was recognized for 1,922% 3-Year Growth. Their conversational AI software helps companies automate human resources tasks and is available on the SAP Store.

meQuilibrium (Accelerated by SAP.iO Foundry New York) was recognized for 216% 3-Year Growth. Their solution helps businesses build workforce well-being and potential with predictive analytics, biometrics and neuroscience and is available on the SAP Store.

Jebbit (SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv) was recognized for 119% growth. and is available on the SAP Store.

MHP works together with SAP on cloud-based digital mobility solutions

MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH (MHP) announced that it plans to expand its partnership with SAP. The aim is to accelerate the introduction of new digital mobility solutions based on SAP’s Industry Cloud. As part of the initiative, MHP and SAP are planning to explore co-innovations and joint go-to-market solutions based on SAP’s Industry Cloud for all aspects of mobility in a green field approach.

The intended partnership is intended to support customers in orienting themselves towards the megatrends connected mobility, autonomous driving, shared / serviced mobility and e-mobility – especially since these are still fundamentally changing and developing rapidly. In a first step, both partners want to discuss solutions for Fleet Management, Load Management, Battery Lifecycle Management and Mobility-as-a-Service. Co-innovation customers who can participate in the initiative include OEMs, utilities, and startups. MHP is therefore planning to support the SAP.iO Mobility Cohort in order to identify interesting start-ups in this technology and business area.

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Henkel : Idea Hackathon supports 100 early-stage female founders

The Henkel Xathon, an ideation hackathon for female founders, is taking place for the third time. The aim is to promote female entrepreneurs and talents in the technology industry, strengthen their business innovation and support them in building a relevant business network. The Xathon will take place in Berlin from November 12 to 14, 2021 as a hybrid event* in English. It is hosted by Henkel dx Ventures, Henkel’s platform for open innovation and collaboration, together with Global Digital Women.


One focus this year is on the rapidly accelerating D2C sector, influenced by changing consumer behaviors towards hyper-personalization across all channels.


At the Xathon, participants can take part in live workshops at four different locations in Berlin and digitally, watch keynotes, collaborate with top female experts, and further develop their business ideas. A total of 100 female talents will get the opportunity to participate in this year’s hackathon. Interested female founders can apply until October 10 at The main event partner of the Xathon 2021 is Global Digital Women. Further partners include SAP.iO and Microsoft.


Raising awareness for female empowerment

‘Diversity and gender equity are of strategic importance to us at Henkel. With the Xathon, we want to empower female entrepreneurship and support talented women in realizing their ideas and unfolding their full potential,’ says Sylvie Nicol, Chief Human Resources Officer at Henkel.

The Female Founder Monitor 2020 once again showed that targeted support for female founders is necessary: according to this, only 15.7 percent of all founders in Germany are female. Women entrepreneurs are particularly rare in the technology sector.

‘The figures show that the road to equality in the tech industry is still long. But there is much more than just figures: every year at our Xathon we see impressive and great ideas from female founders. For us, it is a privilege to experience and support this female entrepreneurial power in tech,’ says Michael Nilles, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Henkel. ‘I am truly convinced that innovation is built on diversity. That’s why we are very much looking forward to welcome 100 female founders and their early-stage business models.’

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Spring 2021 Cohort Reflections: How SAP.iO Helped These Founders Start-up With SAP

This Spring, our team helped 50 startups launch partnerships with SAP. I took some time to read through notes we received from these incredible founders and am excited to amplify their experiences with SAP.iO.

Tom Coburn, CEO of Jebbit recently participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement program and shared that “The SAP.iO accelerator program was extremely well organized and well run. It was easy for myself and my management team to participate in while very busy running our company and gave us an incredible fast track to learn more about SAP and build relationships with the right teams for us.”

Like Jebbit, many startups that go through our programs have already participated in an early-stage accelerator like TechstarsPlug and Play Accelerator and Y Combinator so they can dive right in and leverage our carefully curated paths to help them launch a successful partnership with SAP.

Vue Storefront, a Y Combinator grad, completed an integration to SAP Commerce Cloud during their time at SAP.iO. Their CEO, Patrick Friday, shared that the “SAP.iO program has given us a lighting speed introduction into the whole SAP ecosystem and connected us with the right people on their side. We had detailed workshops and ongoing Q&A sessions throughout the whole process which boosted the speed at which we are working on the integration.”

Dr. Zara Nanu, CEO of Gapsquare leveraged our network to reach new markets. She shared that “The SAP.iO Foundry has been invaluable for improving our market reach through integration, connecting us to a wider pool of customers.” Since 2017, our team has worked as the “matchmakers” of the enterprise software world to bring together startups and customers to drive innovation and we’re thrilled to see our alumni thrive.

We are proud that our programs are the fastest way for entrepreneurs to launch a partnership with SAP and Chris Motley, Founder and CEO of Mentor Spaces agrees. During SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco’s Future of Work program, Mentor Spaces built an integration to SAP SuccessFactors and launched on the SAP Store. While reflecting on his experience, Chris shared that “The SAP.iO program reduced our time to market by at least one year!”

FortressIQ also joined the 120+ startups with solutions available on the SAP Store. Through a new integration, companies are now able to combine FortressIQ’s user-level process data with SAP Process Insights system-level process data to fast-track transformation initiatives. Jay Sivachelvan commented that “SAP.iO was a game changing experience for our startup, turning what would have been a 12 month journey into a 3-month, white-glove experience.”

Interested in collaborating with SAP and our global customer base? Apply for our upcoming Fall 2021 programs today!

Grow Your Online Sales with Algopix — Product Intelligence Platform for E-commerce

With increased competition in all areas and markets across the e-commerce world, the never-ending shifts in online marketing, and the gaps between brick-and-mortar and online stores, brands are really feeling the heat. In order to thrive and gain market share, brands need access to actionable, real-time data.

Enter Algopix, a product intelligence platform for e-commerce.

Analyze and benchmark your market share gain and loss by platform or competitor

Using Algopix, brands can understand the sales volume of every product in the e-commerce market across all countries and channels. How does it work? Algopix receives data from over 70,000 brands and online sellers, aggregates and anonymizes the data, and then informs CPGs and brands the sales volume, how market share changes over time, and what causes these changes, for every brand, product category, or product.

A solution for various business leaders across the organization

Using Algopix’s solution, marketing managers can understand what campaigns work and drive market share up, and brand and product managers can realize what products are high demand in the market, what products their competitors are selling, and what product launches are successful. C-level executives working with Algopix can better understand the gap between what is happening in brick and mortar vs. what is happening online, and gain a comprehensive understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and who is taking market share in real time.

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Harness the power of brand enthusiasm among your consumers with Mention Me

Today, when consumers are looking to make a purchase, social proof is king. Recommendations from friends (and even strangers — think influencers!) are key in creating consumer trust and influencing a consumer’s decision to buy. While more and more brands are experimenting with referral marketing, many find themselves locked in to simple referral systems that do not deliver. Looking for a referral marketing platform where brands can turn their customers into their most powerful marketers? Enter Mention Me.

Mention Me creates a deeply data-driven program based on the context and behavior of buyers, helping brands identify each customer’s likelihood to refer, and at which point in the lifecycle referral is most likely to succeed. How does it work? Referral programs incentivize existing customers (referrers) to introduce a brand to their friends (referees). Ultimately, everyone wins: Rewards (think discount or free gift) are given to referrers for successful introductions that convert new customers, and are also given to referees when they make their first purchase. Mention Me’s Referral Engineering™ outperforms ‘simple’ referral systems, increasing customer acquisition by up to a third. The proof is in the pudding: Mention Me has delivered over $1 billion in revenue for clients, and over 22 million customers have shared their referral programs.

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Capture 1st Party Data at Scale with Jebbit

With the fierce competition to capture consumers’ attention that is only heating up, brands are desperately searching for ways to successfully interact with and convert consumers. With the endless amount of digital noise, brands are struggling to communicate authentically with their target audience and get the insights they need. The solution? Jebbit!

Which herbal shampoo is right for you?

Jebbit helps companies create all different kinds of interactive experiences without needing to touch a line of code. Whether it be a product match or a trivia game, these creative experiences get consumers to interact and answer questions in a way that is much more engaging than a typical survey. The average Jebbit experience sees an 85% completion rate, and takes a consumer two minutes to complete: these are two minutes where the brand has the undivided attention of the consumer, and is able to capture essential first party, self-declared data.

Taking control of how CPGs engage with consumers

Most of Jebbit’s customers are large enterprise brands in CPG, eCommerce, travel or the entertainment space. When brands consider working with Jebbit, they have often already built some kind of quiz, whether in-house or with an agency, and have begun dealing with how costly and time intensive it is to keep the experience maintained and optimized. By working with Jebbit, brands can take control of the experiences, and build and edit them in real-time. Brands who have run traditional surveys in the past view Jebbit as a way to create something much more engaging to the consumer, and in parallel, can use Jebbit data to validate market research, optimize marketing campaigns in real-time, and build audiences for personalized retargeting.

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Increase conversion rates through an amazing e-commerce user experience with Vue Storefront

Brilliant Hire’s Smart Job Matching

Today, e-commerce sites are dealing with a range of issues when it comes to development, maintenance, migrations, and of course, attempting to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of their consumers. Many of these sites are working off of outdated tech stacks such as Java or PHP, resulting in slow site loading times, negatively impacting the user experience and overall performance. The flexible tech stack you need to provide seamless UX and exceed your consumers‘ expectations? Meet Vue Storefront.

Vue Storefront is the first on the market and the initiator of the whole movement for providing front-end experiences that are independent from back end and CMS in the new headless space. Based on Vue.js, Vue Storefront connects with different third party services, providing an API integration between the back-end and front-end, and when integrating with other CMS systems, allows business users to gather and manage the experience on their own content management site. Vue Storefront’s architecture uses best practices and the best field-tested tools for a lightning-fast performance, with native integrations and shortcuts that significantly shorten time-to-market. Vue Storefront is agnostic to any e-commerce platform or other headless CMS system, which allows users to migrate between different platforms if need be.

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Use the best content to sell your products and brands with eStoreMedia

Today, every brand needs to be an e-commerce All Star. The problem? Many brands don’t know how to play the game. From solving distribution problems, through optimizing content and in store search, monitoring pricing and promotions, to creating a ratings and reviews strategy, a long list of complex processes must be executed by brand teams just to keep their heads above water in the e-commerce world. Companies are struggling to fill the ever-present gaps in content, distribution, search, and ratings.

Looking to win on the digital shelf? Look no further than eStoreMedia.

eStoreMedia provides a suite of automated, e-commerce tools that helps CPG brands optimize growth in online sales. The eStoreMedia suite is made up of two core products: eStoreContent and eStoreCheck. eStoreContent takes the product content from a brand’s database and delivers it to the product pages on each of the brand’s online retail channels via a syndication process. This streamlines complex content management processes; it expedites content implementation and maximizes content effectiveness by ensuring the best content is always deployed. Rich and relevant content improves conversion, which in turn is favoured by the e-retailer’s algorithm, making the product more findable, and sales accelerate accordingly.

eStoreCheck provides enhanced predictive analytics that measure a brand’s overall performance on the digital shelf including the performance and compliance of rich content as well as keywords in titles, descriptions and bullet points. It also checks other elements in store such as product availability, price and promotion, and overall category performance benchmarked against competitors, and buy box win/loss analysis. When eStoreCheck identifies a gap (a risk or opportunity), it creates a prioritized action list, enabling e-commerce teams to seize more sales opportunities. With both e-commerce analytics and e-content management, eStoreMedia’s comprehensive solution provides quick, automated content deployment across multiple online marketplaces and sites, and ensures that companies win over the shopper with the best content to sell their products and brands.

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Behind the Scenes of SAP.iO Foundry and Why It Works So Well

The teams of SAP.iO Foundry – one of SAP’s most meaningful innovation programs, are spread around the world in the areas with the most startup activity and are looking for companies that can collaborate to answer some of the industries’ most pressing challenges with SAP. Lior Weizman, leading the activities in Israel, shares about the well-oiled machine that helps bring value to customers.

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SetSail Announces Revenue Acceleration Programs To Align Sales Behaviors With Specific Growth Objectives

Silicon Valley Startup Improves On Its Industry-leading Revenue Execution Platform With A Host Of New Ai And Workflow Enhancements

SetSail, the Revenue Execution platform for sales, has launched a library of machine learning powered Revenue Acceleration Programs that extend its intelligent signals engine. Combined, these two products form a complete solution for driving predictable revenue growth for B2B businesses and digitally transform their sales processes.

“Despite the maturity of the CRM space, running efficient sales programs has always been the Achilles heel of revenue organizations,” said Haggai Levi, the CEO of SetSail. “By introducing a new layer of program management on top of SetSail’s intelligent signals, we are making it easy for sales managers to guide their teams towards in-quarter goals. Just like ABM ushered us into the age of programmatic marketing, Revenue Acceleration Programs ensure teams can rally around specific growth objectives — with clear accountability and higher impact on key behaviors.”

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