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Working with SAP

Here at Centrifuge, we have a long history with SAP. Some of us worked as engineers in Walldorf (SAP’s German headquarter) back in the ’90s. With our previous startups we often partnered with SAP. On the other side we also had a healthy competition with Ariba who joined the SAP portfolio after their acquisition a few years back.

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The power of empowering immigrant women

Immigrants face many challenges and fears. They need to adapt quickly to a new culture, learn a new language, deal with homesickness and go above and beyond in interviews to overcome lack of local work experience. Don’t get me wrong; new beginnings are exciting too. I believe in challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone if you want to grow. Moving to a new country that promises more opportunities is one of the best ways to do so…

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Inclusive Entrepreneurship at SAP

On November 2–3, 2018, Sallie Jian and Kange Kaneene represented SAP at Culture Shifting Weekend in New York City (CSWNY) alongside SAP’s Deepak Krishnamurthy (Chief Strategy Officer), Judith Williams (Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer), Vanessa Liu (VP, North America Foundries), Taek Chung (VP, Corporate Strategy), and Danny Allen (VP, Tech Diversity & Inclusion at SAP Labs)…

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