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Funding Female Founders Without Fanfare: SAP’s New Fund In San Francisco

As a female entrepreneur, I’m always on the lookout for companies that are helping women break through the proverbial glass ceiling. And, there is no shortage of public announcements, blog posts and tweets by many players in the startup scene proclaiming their commitment to bringing more female founders into the ecosystem. It’s been proven time and again that it makes business sense to invest in companies with female founders and leadership. But, in Silicon Valley, startups with female CEOs still win only about 3% of investment dollars….

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Inclusive Entrepreneurship at SAP

On November 2–3, 2018, Sallie Jian and Kange Kaneene represented SAP at Culture Shifting Weekend in New York City (CSWNY) alongside SAP’s Deepak Krishnamurthy (Chief Strategy Officer), Judith Williams (Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer), Vanessa Liu (VP, North America Foundries), Taek Chung (VP, Corporate Strategy), and Danny Allen (VP, Tech Diversity & Inclusion at SAP Labs)…

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